Interview with Joelle Kuntz, Journalist, on Sustainable Business & Finance

On 7 February 2020, we held a kick-off event that brought together actors and players from International Geneva. We presented our vision for the media, as well as discuss the five key themes which will be covered daily by our newsroom: Climate, Technology, Sustainable Business and Finance, Peace and Humanitarian, and Global Health. We interviewed thought-leaders to give us their perspective on one of these themes.

Joelle Kuntz is a journalist and the author of several books about geography and history, including La Suisse en un clin d’oeil; Genève, histoire d’une vocation internationale; La Suisse, histoire d’une dépendance (Zoé); and an earlier essay on borders, Adieu à Terminus (Hachette-littérature). She shared her views on how the Sustainable Finance and Business sector in Geneva is covered by the media.

“We have on our group a clear will to make the two sides [—the UN system and the banking system—] meet, discuss, collaborate, cooperate, and make Geneva a success.

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