Geneva virtually featured in Venice

Source: Virtual figures of the Comédie virtuelle / Gilles Jobin

Next week, the “VR Expanded” section of the 77th Venice International Film Festival will open its doors at the Nouvelle Comédie in Eaux-Vives, during the famous Italian Festival. The Geneva-based Gilles Jobin is one of the competing artists. After “VR-I”, the choreographer will present “La Comédie virtuelle”.

Virtual theatre. “La Comédie virtuelle” is a multi-user social experience, accessible in VR on-site or at home from a desktop computer. The audience, represented as avatars, can gather together to visit the new building, talk to each other and interact in real-time. Gilles Jobin will also present a live performance, “Sans titre”, every day.

Technology and art as partners. The artist found a renewed artistic inspiration in 2013, after a residency at CERN. Since then, mapping, 3D, video tracking and VR has fed into his work.

“If performing arts have always been looking for new territories, their strength lies in sharing a given time, at the end of which everyone will be older.”

Gilles Jobin embraces technology and envisions “La Comédie virtuelle” as a long-term laboratory for the theatre, thus contributing to the reference Geneva has become in terms of virtual creation.


Tribune de Genève