Zeinixx: 'We have the right to fall, but the obligation to stand back up'

Zeinixx, Amikal and Nadia Seika in front of the wall they work on for the FIFDH. Source: FIFDH. Image: Miguel Bueno.

On Monday, on a tired, grey wall opposite Geneva’s University Hospital, a huge and colourful fresco of a woman came to life - a hand cupped around her mouth, making her voice heard.

Senegalese graffiti artist and activist Zeinixx together with local artists, Amikal and Nadia Seika, created the fresco as a contribution to the Geneva Week for equality, and symbolising the female voice in public space.

The 2021 theme carried out during this week is part of the municipal action plan "Towards zero sexism in my city", with several questions being raised: Who owns the public space? Are women free to move around as they please? How can sexism and harassment in the public space be prevented? Is urban planning gendered?

“My battle is for the younger generation, because they have the right to choose what they will become tomorrow.”

Zeinixx is a guest of the 19th edition of the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH). In an exclusive interview, she opens up about her experience as the first female graffiti artist in Senegal, the difficulties of acceptance, her inspiration and the importance of having a choice in life.

The result of this creative initiative can be discovered in front of the HUG, at the crossroads of rue Lombard and rue Emile-Yung.