The Fondation pour Genève concludes a private partnership with Geneva Solutions

We are thrilled to announce that the Fondation pour Genève will be supporting in 2021 Geneva Solutions for its coverage of current news events, initiatives, and events tied to the International Geneva ecosystem. 

The Fondation pour Genève joins the Swiss Confederation, the Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva, in funding our project which won the RFP submitted in 2019 by the public authorities to create a journalistic platform on the work of organisations that provide public services worldwide from Geneva.

Geneva Solutions, as a media project since its early stages, has had ongoing exchanges with the Fondation pour Genève and will keep building a trusted relationship with the Fondation and its board members.

The donation will fund the work of our newsroom, skilled journalists, experts, freelance writers, dedicated to writing about the change-making community and projects in International Geneva.

Ivan Pictet, President of the Fondation pour Genève said of the donation:

"The Fondation pour Genève believes strongly that Geneva solution is the right partner in promoting Geneva as a key international platform. It offers an excellent synergy with the foundation’s mission and activities."

Geneva Solutions is set to launch its full platform along with its newsletter the GS Daily Brief on 24 august 2020. Our desk will experiment with different formats, including videos as well as podcasts.

This is a particularly vibrant time for our team to try to shape how global audiences perceives the work of organisations and people out of Geneva: namely, as one of the most important hubs generating solutions for the rest of the world.

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