Let's support Ukrainian and Russian journalists

The war hit our fellow Ukrainian or Russian journalists hard. The former have seen their towns bombarded and sometimes their homes or editorial offices destroyed. Some have had to seek refuge abroad.

Since 24 February, seven journalists and photographers have died in Ukraine after falling victim to bombardment or sniper fire. Eleven are injured and about twenty have been kidnapped by the Russian army.

Meanwhile, Russian journalists are subject to the heaviest censorship ever imposed in this country since the Soviet Union. Media have been shut down and the best writers have fled to avoid prison.

That's why we decided to support their work. Starting 19 April, Geneva Solutions will publish their texts in Ukrainian or Russian and translate them into English. Le Temps , for its part, will translate them into French.

To achieve this, and above all to pay for the work of some fifty Ukrainian and Russian journalists in the field, we need your help. This is why we are launching this call for donations, on the crowdfunding platform Wemakeit.

Give what you can! Everything will go to support these journalists who have lost their work or their media, but not their know-how. They are best placed to recount the daily life of war and exile, to give the measure of the incredible suffering that Vladimir Putin inflicts on Ukraine and on his own country, Russia.

Information in times of war is crucial. For the victims and for the international community.