Sharada Mohanty: 'AI is like a toolbox that can help solving real-world problems'

Sharada Mohanty.

Artificial intelligence. AI. The potential behind these Two letters is attracting frenzied interest. But some find in AI a calling like no other. Sharada Mohanty is one of them. Founder of EPFL-spinoff AIcrowd, he contributes with other data science experts and enthusiasts to solvinge real-world problems. And more than that. Mohanty is the third guest in our podcast resilience series.

After several years working at CERN and then embarking on a PHD at Lausanne’s EPFL, he chose to leave academia to embrace what he calls “true open research”, and to create an open source platform where researchers compete to solve data challenges using artificial intelligence.

Teaming up with several of his former colleagues at CERN, Mohanty said they were inspired by “this idea of how to bring together lots of people where the emerging effect... is producing something good.”

According to Mohanty, AI is not a solution but a toolbox. And he focuses his research on helping this toolbox to mature. That way, problems can be concretely addressed by using AI technology.

With an office in Geneva, he questions the digital ecosystem in the region and wonders how it could be more of a leader in terms of technology by not only attracting talent but also incentivising them to stay. His passion, drive and commitment to helping make the world a better place makes him our “reason for hope” of the week.

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