GS Podcast Series: Conversations on resilience

From the early days of the pandemic, something promising started to happen amidst the gloomy backdrop: nations and companies began working together at an unprecedented rate to find solutions to tackle the crisis - from sourcing medical equipment to vaccines. This frenzy of collaboration showed the huge potential that open innovation can bring, whether there is a pandemic or not. Open innovation is the key to building resilience. It can help break barriers across research fields - from competitive and sustainable production in the fashion industry to AI advancements that can help solve real-world problems and even contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And it is happening here in Geneva. This is why Geneva Solutions has decided to launch a podcast series in collaboration with Open Geneva and the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative at the University of Geneva, on open innovation and resilience. Hosted by our tech editor Zelda Chauvet, the series invites innovators and entrepreneurs to share their stories.

7 episodes