11 African solutions for the future world

When she returned to France after five years in Burkina Faso and Mali, the young journalist Morgane Le Cam took stock: failures and deaths in about 100 articles, successes and survivors in only 15. Was the reality of the places I wrote about so bleak? she wonders. Probably not. But the Sahel, like the rest of the world, most often interests the Western press when it is bleeding, rather than when it is being treated. So for once, she wanted to write an optimistic series about Africa. Eleven episodes to tell you about the continent that acts rather than suffers. It will introduce you to health, environmental, agricultural and social initiatives that could change the future. A cardiologist on bluetooth in Cameroon, a green charcoal produced with waste in Burkina Faso, a cereal that saves agriculture in Senegal, a canister that rolls to soften water fetches in South Africa?

11 episodes