WEBCAST: Meet our editors!

Our editorial director Serge Michel and our chief editor Kasmira Jefford are live daily at 5 pm from Monday 31.08 to Friday 4.09 with members of our editorial team to present themselves, share their vision for news coverage, and discuss upcoming feature stories.

We’ll be live on Facebook and Youtube!

  • Watch Monday’s conversation with our climate editor Bruno Jochum here.
  • Watch Tuesday’s edition with our peace & humanitarian editor, Josephine Schmidt here.

  • Watch Wednesday’s conversation with our technology editor, Zelda Chauvet here.

  • Watch Thursday’s edition with our global health editor, Elaine Fletcher here.

  • Watch Friday’s edition with our chief editor and sustainable business and finance editor, Kasmira Jefford here.

The schedule is based on the five key themes of the GS Daily Brief.

  • Climate (Monday) – Bruno Jochum

  • Peace & Humanitarian (Tuesday) – Josephine Schmidt, The New Humanitarian

  • Technology (Wednesday) – Zelda Chauvet

  • Global Health (Thursday) – Elaine Fletcher, Health Policy Watch

  • Sustainable Business & Finance (Friday)– Kasmira Jefford