Glasgow, the last chance Summit?

International, States, Cantons, who should act with what measures ? How to accelerate the process ?


Panel 1: What are the objectives and stakes for the Glasgow conference?

  • Ambassador Simon Manley, Head of the British Mission to the UN in Geneva
  • Ambassador Jérôme Bonnafont, Head of the French Mission to the UN in Geneva

  • Ms. Lisa Mazzone, State Councillor (Geneva, Les Verts), Federal Parliament

  • Mr. Stefan Ruchti, Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, DFAE, Swiss Confederation

  • Mr. Abdalah Mokssit, IPCC Secretary

  • Prof. Martin Beniston, climate expert, honorary professor University of Geneva

Panel 2: Who should take what measures to achieve carbon neutrality in Switzerland?

  • Mr. Antonio Hodgers, conseiller d’Etat, member of the government of canton of Geneva in charge of the Department of Territory

  • Mrs. Cristina Gaggini, Director of economiesuisse

  • Mr. Kevin Grangier, President of the party Union Démocratique du Centre (UDC), Vaud

  • Ms. Caroline Marti, Member of the Grand Council (Canton of Geneva parliament), Socialist Party

Panel 3: How to accelerate the movement? Face to face between pioneers of the climate commitment and young activists.

  • Mr. Philippe Roch, former director of the Federal Office for the Environment and former director of the Swiss WWF

  • Mr. Jean-Valentin de Saussure, Vice President of Swiss Youth For Climate

  • Ms. Marion Lanci, climate activist, Grève pour le climat

  • Mr. Alain Clerc, former head of the Confederation’s international environmental policy