A few words on our brand new newsroom

After our intermediary launch dedicated to covering the Covid-19 pandemic, we have finally launched our website and daily newsletter, the GS Daily Briefthis Monday, 24 August.

Our editorial culture is based on constructive journalism principles, leveraging Geneva’s historical and ongoing efforts to finding solutions to global issues. This approach will be at the core of our work as we'll bring you the top stories from the change-making community in International Geneva.

Spotlight on a hub. The troubled times we live in and the urgent need of multilateral solutions give a raison d'être to our team. We'll show what happens and what works-- doing so from Geneva, one of the most important hubs generating solutions for the rest of the world.

What we've published so far. Exactly 186 articles up until this morning. We started covering the Covid-19 pandemic back in April, and have since then also written on the climate emergency, education, technology, and global governance. Our content is centered around five core themes: Peace & Humanitarian, Climate, Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance, and Technology.

Our launch event, planned for October 2020, will focus on solutions journalism. We want to engage readers actively, fight defeatism, and enable commitment and action. We have already published a couple of features on our approach (What Solutions journalism can bring to the international community during a pandemicLe journalisme peut-il sauver le monde? ) and will continue doing so as we pursue our efforts.

Our partners. We have teamed up with a number of stellar content producers to bring you expert stories and insights. One, because we envision our platform as a collaborative one, and two, because we want to leverage existing local talents and have them contribute regularly to our new media. Learn more about these partners here.

Daily livestream with our team, 31 August - 4 September
Mark your agendas! Our editorial director Serge Michel and our chief editor Kasmira Jefford will have a live conversation daily at 5pm from Monday 31.08 to Friday 4.09 with members of our editorial team to present themselves, share their vision for news coverage, and discuss upcoming feature stories. Tune in and ask questions live. Link will be shared on our website and daily newsletter next week!