About us

Geneva Solutions is a non-profit journalistic platform dedicated to International Geneva.

Our editorial culture is based on constructive journalism principles, leveraging Geneva’s historical and ongoing efforts to finding solutions to global issues. Our website along with the newsletter, the GS Daily Brief, launched on 24 August 2020.

The platform is centred around five core themes – Peace & Humanitarian, Climate, Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance,and Technology – as well as opinion pieces and guest-edited newsletters.


In 2019, Geneva Solutions was selected as the winning proposal in response to the call for projects initiated by the Confederation, the Canton and the City of Geneva to create a journalistic platform on the work of organisations that provide public services worldwide from Geneva. Submitted by the ​Heidi.news​ team, Geneva Solutions is an independent project covering the work of International Geneva — a community of 40 international organizations, representations of 179 States, and hundreds of NGOs, which increasingly collaborate with the private sector and the academic world.
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​Showing that Geneva matters with continuous coverage

From peace negotiations to internet governance, there’s a need to map this remarkable ​Genève internationale ecosystem and share the bigger picture of this city with global audiences on a daily basis.

Constructive approach

Our writing is driven by solutions-based journalism and constructive journalism principles. We aim to “complete” the stories by presenting the potential responses and solutions, engaging readers as much as possible with a broad vision of current news events.


As a way to inform, not just focusing on immediate crisis.

Identifying the smaller voices

And making room for their stories.

Putting a face on people and initiatives

​Readers often don’t get to see many of the faces of people fighting for the rights of others; there are yet so many remarkable individuals who deserve the spotlight.

Listening to younger generations

They are taking an increasingly important place in the global governance space. Geneva Solutions will organically integrate younger generations into its platform with dedicated contributors, programs, as well as occasional op-eds.


​Taking a look into the future and ask: who will be International Geneva’s future leaders? We will be shedding light on the next generation of actors as well as the emerging initiatives.

Leveraging new media formats

Using audio, podcasts, photography, videos, and interactive media to build the stories.


Geneva Solutions is financed by public funds, philanthropy, as well as partnership programs. Public donors include the Swiss Confederation, the Canton of Geneva as well as the City of Geneva. Philanthropic donors include the Fondation pour Genève.
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